master tier:



When it comes to his skills as a fly fisherman, George is second to none, but its his innovative fly tying techniques that set George apart from all others at the bench.


Hailing from Dutchess County NY, George calls the rivers of the Catskills, Croton Water Shed and the famed rivers of New England his home. He has been tying on the North East circuit for over 15 years, appearing at numerous TU Chapter events and national acclaimed fly fishing shows. 


A true innovator, George draws his inspirations from both old school Catskills greats as well as Western legends such as Rene Harrop and Mike Lawson. George has been quoted as saying "I prefer to not be held to just any one style of tying or the use of specific materials. It's the freedom to create, using all types of materials that attracts me to the bench. Versatility leads to confidence and for me, thats key".


When it comes to thinking "Outside the fly box", George is a true artisan however, he will be the first to tell you, "Function before fashion when it comes to flies, if they don't catch fish it not worth tying".