master tier:


What her late husband Wess Jordan did for fly rod building, Gloria has done for fly tying and rod winding. With a steady hand, a meticulous eye, and a creative spirit, Gloria has spent the last 50 years honing her craft while being one of the true pioneering woman of fly fishing.

Gloria has fished with the likes of baseball great Ted Williams and fly fishing legends Lee and Joan Wulff. Now in her twilight years she doesn't get out on the water as much as she would like, but that only allows for more time at her fly bench. 

Using only top quality natural materials such as real jungle cock necks and premium hackles, Gloria's flys are a thing of beauty. She is a true master at the art tying classic streamer designs of days gone by while continuing to innovate museum quality flies.


In addition to her classic streamers and Southern Vermont inspired dun patterns, Gloria also enjoys tying beautifully crafted wearable broach pins replicating the classics of the past.