A Tribute To A True Dry Fly Master

Updated: May 12, 2019

Tom Goodman "A living legend in action"

While the majority of us are inspired to pay homage to a true master only after he or she has passed, I wanted take this opportunity to bring praise and appreciation to a man who is considered by many to be a "Dry Fly Master" within the local Fly fishing community.

With a lifetime of opportunities to reside along the banks of any one of America's finest fly fishing rivers, it's the waters of the infamous Battenkill River and other non-stocked Southern Vermont streams that Fly Fisherman Tom Goodman has called home for the past 50 years.

A true individualist, Tom is the kind of fisherman who will spend nearly the entire day searching the banks of a river waiting and watching for the slightest sign of a specific hatch in hopes that he will be in the right place at the right time to perfectly present his fly with unbridled enthusiasm and persistence.

With an appreciation for any master of his craft, it's a pleasure watching Tom fish as he consistently and confidently works his fly through a fast moving riffle void of any obvious rising fish only to entice a take from within a stretch of water that most other fisherman would walk right through.

Sure, Tom could significantly increase his odds of catching big fish on any number of stocked rivers, but for a seasoned dry fly enthusiast such as Tom, there's little enjoyment in such pursuit. For him, it's more about his long time connection with the river, his appreciation for the life cycles of the flies, and of course, the sip of a perfectly floated dry fly by a native Vermont trout regardless of its size.

Today at age 73, Tom continues to push his aging body in pursuit of his two greatest passions, dry fly fishing for native trout and skiing the beautiful Green Mountains Of Vermont.

As a long time Battenkill and snow sport enthusiast myself, I am grateful to have the opportunities to learn from a master craftsman such as Tom and especially grateful for his willing to share his passion and knowledge.

Brew Moscarello

President, Trico Unlimited

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