Big Time Fun For a Small Boy

Sometimes it's the little things that have the biggest impact. Like the time I came home from work to hear my boy was out fishing on the Roaring Branch river just a short hike from our Vermont home.

With fishing on the brain I figured I would grab my rod and head out to meet up with him for a little Father/Son native brook trout action. To my surprise, as I worked my way up river, I come upon the above "Norman Rockwell Like" scene of my boy perched on a log casting away to the relatively deep pool below. I guess I should not have been surprised as that's what one should expect from a 13 year old boy, but in this day and age of electronic, I was so happy to see the innocence of a boy as he was enjoying his solo time on the river.

That day we did get into a few fish as we spent the rest of the evening sneeaking up to pocket waters with his small home made 5 foot 2 weight rod.

Its a day that will remain etched in my memory for ever.

Such a wonderful day

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