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From the 'first timer' to the well experienced, we offer light hearted by- the-hour casting lessons for all abilities; demonstrating,

explaining and teaching the mechanics of fly casting from the very basics to the nuances of advanced casting techniques.

We have the experience, knowledge and most importantly, the patience to build confidence and abilities to take our clients casting to the next level. 

On Stream Entomology

Still Water Adventures

Bring a friend and spend some quality time wading the pristine waters of Vermont while exploring the developmental stages of various aquatic insects and crustations. Learn to identify the hatches, recognize the flight patterns, understand sizing, and so much more. Feel like a kid again examining what's under the river rocks and the role these minute specimens play in the life of a trout. 

While it's well known that learning to become proficient at fly fishing may take years, there is no substitute for the guidance of a seasoned professional, who knows the local waters which is often so critical to the days success. Offering both wading and drift boat river adventures, the staff at Trico Unlimited spend hours each day observing the daily habits and conditions of our local waterways while understanding the nuances of what it takes to provide the best possible chance for our clients to "hook up" 

When conditions allow, there's not a more exciting way to cover a body of water than with a fly rod in hand. Whether casting a deer hair popper to a ferocious Northern Pike, or bouncing a streamer through the submerged timbers for large bass, the sensation of a big fish taking your fly can't be beat.

We offer warm water fly and spin fishing adventures for a variety of species dependent upon the time of year and weather conditions. 

Inquire about our one-on-one fly tying workshops:
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River Fishing Adventures
Private Casting Workshops