Discover a side of  Southern Vermont Winters where nature prevails and crowds are non existent.

Imagine yourself, cozying up to the warmth of wood burning stove, with a cup of your favorite hot beverage after a fun filled day of exploring the solitude and beauty a Southern Vermont Forest. With front door access to activities such as snowshoeing, cross country skiing, photography, bird watching and hiking, there's no shortage of activities to fill your day. 


Spend a night or two under the canopy of an 18th century style, candle lit tent, discovering the joy and relaxation of a simplistic existence. Each experience is catered to your preferred level of adventure while our staff provides our guests with the comforts, warmth and enjoyment one might expect from such an experience.

  So when the call of the outdoors tugs at the very heart of your adventurous spirit, and spring is still a long ways off, there's no better way to unplug, unwind and embrace the winter season than to cozy up to the wood stove at CAMP TRICO.